Reflection on March 26

Good-bye wintertime blues! My cabin fever broke last week when I attended a jackpot for the first time since Fall. It has been a long winter, complete with cold weather and uncertainties, and I’m so glad to be back in the saddle again!

Screenshot from a video of my fourth run of the day

I ran two horses in a double header jackpot last weekend. The first two runs, my legs felt good, but I had to rubber band my stirrups for my third run. That run was on my red rocket and he packs a lot of power into his turns. With that in mind, and noticing that my left leg felt weak, I felt it was prudent to use the rubber bands. My fourth run was on brown mare and she’s got smoother turns and transitions so I took the rubber bands off before her run. I don’t like to use them unless I need them. Sometimes they break during your run and I’ve heard of them not breaking during falls (I haven’t had that happen to me, they’ve always broke in a pinch).

Photo courtesy
I think my hips handled the runs just fine, but the drive is what made me sore (the weather didn’t help). It was a four hour drive one way and the weather was colder and damper than what I’m used to. Cold, humid weather always makes me limp. I was a bit stiff the next day, but no wonder with 8 hours in the pickup, sitting at a board meeting for a couple of hours and making four barrel runs in damp Spring weather. I made sure to stretch when I woke up.

I’ve been riding just about everyday since the weather has been warm and my legs seem to be holding up. I get stiff once and awhile, but if I stretch as soon I as I get that stiff feeling then I don’t limp. I also use my foam roller (both the dense black one and the textured one) and massage ball everyday (or a couple of times a day).

I started Piyo on Saturday. I like how it places emphasis on alignment and total body strength without jumping, running or anything else that usually hurts my hip. I’m really excited to see if this program will help me get back into shape since I’ve had to give up running (I really miss it).

I went for a CT on Wednesday and I have my follow-up this coming Wednesday. I will have more answers then. Hopefully I can assess what’s best and move ahead with a plan!


Stretching Success

I’ve been stretching since March 3. Every morning I put the kettle on the stove (I am a tea drinker) and while I’m waiting for my hot water I stretch in my living room. Since I began this routine twelve days ago, I haven’t had a “bad hip day” at all. Sure, I’ve been a little stiff if I overdo it that day, but I have not been limping as much and I have been more mobile. I figured that I would share my stretching routine with you all since it seems to benefit me.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or medical professional. Please see your physician before starting any exercise regime. This is for sharing purposes only, the following exercises are not guaranteed to treat or cure any disease or medical issue. When in doubt, see your doctor!

    1. Butterfly stretch  I start out with the sitting butterfly stretch and then move on to the lying butterfly pose but the following ones I do randomly, going by what I feel.
    2. Square Pose
    3. Pigeon Pose
    4. Frog Pose
    5. Seated Saddle Stretch
    6. Iliacus Stretch

      Enter a caption

Photo Credit: Rob Swatski Flickr via Compfight cc

7. Side Lying Quad Stretch

8. Supine Figure 4

9. Supine Wall Stretch

10. ITB Stretch


I’m still waiting for a CT but hopefully we can get some solid answers once it is completed. I know I have some damage to the labrum and I have impingement (lesion on the cam) but Doc McWeasley thinks something else is going on too. Some definitive answers would be great.

Until then I’ll stick with my current routine. I’m going to add some Pilates and possibly more yoga in the coming weeks. I’ll play that by ear and by how I feel. I did a short workout on Monday and so far there were no unpleasant after effects (translation: I could walk the next day).

I think I am going to start riding over the weekend and I’ll see how that feels. I’m so excited to get back to my horses, I’ve missed them! I’ve also missed planning my Summer, I see all these cool jackpots listed and I cannot commit by entering just yet. I can’t wait til I can start entering though! I have a cool bunch of horses and I am so excited to see how they’ll do once we get to enter!

Today was a pretty good day. I subbed in a couple of gym classes and filled my 10,000 step goal with no problems! We’ll see how my hip feels tomorrow!

Until next time, keep hopping!

Frustration Reigns

So I had my MRI follow up appointment yesterday. I took a three hour drive to find out that the MRI has just about useless and that I need a CT. I am so frustrated that I am at a loss for words. One year after the MRI was ordered and over a thousand dollars later, I am not much closer to finding the answer to my hip pain.

I did find some things out. Yes, there is damage to the labrum, but (that should be capitalized), BUT there are a few things potentially going on. There is a bone ridge (I think it is a ridge?) on the acetabulum, and there might be some rotation problems going on. I won’t know the answer of which is the culprit until the CT is completed. It has an estimated wait time of about a month. Doc McWeasley (my nickname for him) wants the CT done of both my hips to investigate what is going on with the right one. It has been acting up for the last month or so.


Photo Credit: howardpa58 Flickr via Compfight cc

In the terms of time, a month is fairly short. I mean, I did just wait one year (twelve *GASP!* months!) for an MRI, what is one more month? I’ve come up with ways to cope with my pain. I’ve modified my life to the point where I’m not sure what is modified anymore. I have a routine established when pain comes to visit and I cannot sleep. I take some form of PM pain medication and resign myself to a few nights on the recliner. I take sleep where I can get it.

I stretch everyday. I notice when I don’t. I didn’t get to stretch yesterday until later in the evening, and I felt it in my hips on the drive home. I might share my stretching routine later, but it is one I did research on based on my needs.

There is supposed to be a bit of a cold snap for the next few days, but I plan on riding after that passes. I hope to have myself and my horses in some other shape than round by the end of the month. There is a jackpot that I’d like to attend to see where I’m at and how well I can jockey my horses. Wish me luck!

Me sitting in the treeless in 2016

The plan is to continue riding Brown Mare in the TS. She doesn’t seem to throw me off balance in the turn. The TS also puts my feet forward and seems to help with my seat position. I might consider going back into rubber bands, but I’ll play that by ear during my warm up. The Red Rocket will continue to have the Treeless, it sits me back and keeps my feet forward. That seems to help the hip pain. I also feel like my hips move more when riding in the treeless, maybe because of the close contact.

Til the next time,