Frustration Reigns

So I had my MRI follow up appointment yesterday. I took a three hour drive to find out that the MRI has just about useless and that I need a CT. I am so frustrated that I am at a loss for words. One year after the MRI was ordered and over a thousand dollars later, I am not much closer to finding the answer to my hip pain.

I did find some things out. Yes, there is damage to the labrum, but (that should be capitalized), BUT there are a few things potentially going on. There is a bone ridge (I think it is a ridge?) on the acetabulum, and there might be some rotation problems going on. I won’t know the answer of which is the culprit until the CT is completed. It has an estimated wait time of about a month. Doc McWeasley (my nickname for him) wants the CT done of both my hips to investigate what is going on with the right one. It has been acting up for the last month or so.


Photo Credit: howardpa58 Flickr via Compfight cc

In the terms of time, a month is fairly short. I mean, I did just wait one year (twelve *GASP!* months!) for an MRI, what is one more month? I’ve come up with ways to cope with my pain. I’ve modified my life to the point where I’m not sure what is modified anymore. I have a routine established when pain comes to visit and I cannot sleep. I take some form of PM pain medication and resign myself to a few nights on the recliner. I take sleep where I can get it.

I stretch everyday. I notice when I don’t. I didn’t get to stretch yesterday until later in the evening, and I felt it in my hips on the drive home. I might share my stretching routine later, but it is one I did research on based on my needs.

There is supposed to be a bit of a cold snap for the next few days, but I plan on riding after that passes. I hope to have myself and my horses in some other shape than round by the end of the month. There is a jackpot that I’d like to attend to see where I’m at and how well I can jockey my horses. Wish me luck!

Me sitting in the treeless in 2016

The plan is to continue riding Brown Mare in the TS. She doesn’t seem to throw me off balance in the turn. The TS also puts my feet forward and seems to help with my seat position. I might consider going back into rubber bands, but I’ll play that by ear during my warm up. The Red Rocket will continue to have the Treeless, it sits me back and keeps my feet forward. That seems to help the hip pain. I also feel like my hips move more when riding in the treeless, maybe because of the close contact.

Til the next time,



This is the Beginning

I’ve started this blog in order to track (not quite the right word… in order to document- sounds too official) my journey with what the doctor thinks is a labral tear in my left hip. I want to tell my story because, frankly, it has been a long journey so far and I don’t even have a solid diagnosis yet.

It all began Spring 2015. I had two incidents that we (that being my husband and me) think caused the injury. I cannot point out exactly which one was the catalyst, or if they actually caused the problem. My husband’s theory involves me, a 700 pound steer and an alleyway with not enough room to hold the both of us. Painful story short, I got squished and/or ran over by said steer in the space not fully big enough to hold one of us, let alone both. My theory includes my barrel horse, a misstep and a fall at a jackpot. I walked away with nary a limp, but photographs taken at said race show my limbs all akimbo, looking pretty painful. I was 25 so I guess I was still in the stage where I bounced well after a fall.

That was March. By May 2015 I was limping, experiencing hip and lower back pain to the point where my running was being interrupted by the pain. At this point I wasn’t riding because I was staying with my parents and nursing my mom during her fight with pancreatic cancer. I attributed my aches and pains to sitting in waiting room chairs at various hospitals and clinics while dealing with my mother’s illness. “I just need a chiropractic adjustment and some stretching,” I’d say.

By August I was back in my own home and frustrated. I went to get a chiropractic adjustment where my doctor decided that my neck and shoulders needed more attention than my lower back. The pain would come and go, so I assumed it was my running that was aggravating my hips so I’d back off for a bit. My mileage was pretty low to begin with (about 3 miles per run, 2-3 times a week) so it wasn’t like I was increasing too fast or over training. I’d gimp for a few days, feel better and move on with my life.

This cycle continued until January 2016. I spent a few days in the house, unable to stand up from standing without some support (I used my tall foam roller). My left hip was practically non-weight bearing. I finally went in for a doctor’s opinion. My regular practitioner noticed that something was definitely “up” and sent off a referral and some x-rays.

The hip doctor saw my x-rays and said I needed an MRI as he practically rushed me out the door. I went for a second opinion, she agreed with the first “hip guy” and said it was fine to keep “doing what I was doing.”

At the time I was running very little, but riding quite bit and competing. I was compensating quite a bit. I switched  to a treeless saddle and made sure to rubber band my feet in the stirrups. My left leg would just shake after a run. While at the Lone Star Arena in Stephenville, a friend had to remove the rubber bands from my stirrups because I couldn’t bend my leg enough to remove it. He was afraid I was having a fit, from the way my leg was shaking.

It is now March 2017. I finally got my MRI, almost a year after it had been ordered. We ended up scheduling in a private clinic because I was told that I would be waiting an additional 4-6 months before I could be scheduled. I find out more information about what exactly is going on tomorrow when I see my doctor (hip doc #3, if you count my second opinion from Summer 2016).

My husband grounded me from riding when my horse fell on me three weeks ago in the snow. I had an impressive bruise on my right thigh for awhile and now my right hip is starting to act like my left. I hope its just the after effect of the fall or compensating for the left one.

Until next time, keep hopping along!